Smartz Eaze

With Smartz Eaze, landlords can manage their properties from our all-in-one property management platform. Automate leasing, maintenance, accounting tasks and integrate with smart devices to increase profits and decrease the hassle of tasks.

  • Smartz Devices

    Integrating smart devices with your property will help automate tasks to save you time and money. With our Smart device integration you and your tenants will not need to download a variety of apps to control third-party smart devices.

  • Maintenance

    Smartz uncomplicates the maintenance process around your property. Maintenance requests are tracked from start to finish in real-time, meaning property managers, maintenance staff and tenants will be on the same page.

  • Leasing

    Automate the leasing process from start to finish. Our leasing software will align your available property with qualified tenants and then onboard them seamlessly when they sign their lease.

  • Community

    With the Smartz community software, apartment buildings can easily be turned into apartment communities. Scheduling community-based events, providing message boards for important announcements, and easy tenant communication are all available to create positive experiences for the tenant.

  • Accounting

    Accounting can be accomplished easily with Smartz Eaze. Our accounting software was developed to seamlessly make the process of property accounting simple to navigate and easy to understand.

  • Analytics

    Our software collects valuable data points that can be combined with our customizable dashboards to give you valuable insights you need about your property.

    • dashboard

      Set Routines

      Customize Spaces

      Decrease Energy Usage

    • dashboard

      Track Lifecycle of Maintenance

      Respond Directly to Tickets

      Outsource Specialized Vendors

    • dashboard

      Qualified Tenant Leads

      Virtual Onboarding

      Decreased Tenant Turnover

    • dashboard

      Community Forums

      Schedule Events

      Centralized Communication

    • dashboard

      Automate Processes

      Customizable Accounting Reports

      Track Financial Data Y-o-Y

    • dashboard

      Customizable Dashboards

      Real-Time Data

      Downloadable and Shareable


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